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Daily WTF

Today, I found the strangiest bug of the month; I was parsing some date parts with JavaScript to properly set default month of a YUI Calendar instance.

var month = parseInt( - 1;

Why -1? Because month count starts with 0 in YUI Calendar, January is 0, december is 11; everything is fine until here.

1. Why the FUCK does my calendar always get to december?

Yamm 6.x-1.0-BETA1 has been released

The first official supported version of Yamm has been released[fn]See project page at[/fn].

This version is identical to the one we use in pre-production environment for some projects. You will have no surprises using it.

Every opinion, feedback or issue is welcome.

Yamm development

I am currently writing a mass synchronization module for Drupal, based on eavy objects abstraction.
I will not describe it here, you can read the project page which describe pretty well how it works.

I wanted to do some notes about development context, and some other stuff.

Howto nicely theme Drupal node form

Drupal node form is not the most exciting user experience that Drupal may propose. If you are an experienced user, there is no need to worry, but in most cases, the sites you'll make with Drupal will be stupid end-user oriented.

With some minor custom theme alteration, you can easily provide the exact same form, but more "Wordpress-like", understand here, with a better organization and a more trivial visual schema.

Howto fix Drupal's update.php when $_REQUEST is denied by a paranoid sysadmin

I dont know how much people get to this problem, but one thing is sure: when you have a paranoid sysadmin, you might encounter some surprises with PHP and globals.

The annoying case is here when you restrict PHP to the maximum you can, you can't access to the $_REQUEST superglobal.

Bien configurer Iptables sur un serveur OVH RPS pour le SAN

OVH propose une offre de serveur "Cheap", le RPS. Ces serveurs ont la particularité de fonctionner sans disque dur, tout le stockage étant déporté sur un SAN (storage via le réseau).

Deux problèmes se posent, dont un qui est vrai avec tous les serveurs OVH.

  • Le Premier est l'existence, sur ces serveurs, de 2 adresses IP publiques, celle physique du serveur, et celle qui vous est attribuée (IP failover).
  • Le second est le stockage sur un disque réseau, pouvant perturber la mise en place d'un firewall.