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Do not use <Bad PHP applications> !

foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) $$key = $value;
    foreach (
$_GET as $key => $value) $$key = $value;

No comment..

Howto install openoffice 3 on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

Since Ubuntu does not provide supported packages for OpenOffice 3.0, here is a simple method to install OOo3.

[OFF] Et si j'étais un prof de philo ?

.. je pense que je donnerais comme sujet de dissertation des citations chinoises !

Et oui, en balladant sur le net, j'en ai repéré une ou deux que je trouve tout à fait juste, mais libre à chacun d'avoir son opinion sur le sujet.

Petite note, elles sont toutes de Confucius (étonnant tiens!).

  • C'est seulement quand l'hiver est arrivé qu'on s'aperçoit que le pin et le cyprès perdent leurs feuilles après tous les autres arbres.
  • L'ouvrier qui veut bien faire son travail doit commencer par aiguiser ses instruments.

Drupal 5 modules release !

Working on a wide drupal site project, I had to make some custom modules, feeting to my needs. After some monthes, I finaly have stable releases for most of them, so I intend to release them to the community.

Here is a list of first set of modules:

  • formnode: this module allows site administrator to embed nodes into any form as markup text, setting weight of the node into the form. If form_store, form_collect and i18n modules are enabled, it uses those module to provide a really intuitive UI.

Some basic things about Apache VirtualHosts

For people who thinks that setup an Apache is easy (and of course, with some experience behind me, I agree), I say, beware of some details.
For those who need real technical documentation on Apache, this is not for you, this article intends to help people who only tries to setup small development or personal web servers (this do not applies on complex environments or needs).

Yesterday, I had to setup a development environment for a colleague, and it took some hours just because of theses:

Migration d'un site SPIP vers Drupal 1/3

Update on February the 12th, 2010 : I'd advise to all people that stopped here googling the web about Spip to Drupal migration that they should consider looking at the concurrent spip2drupal Drupal project.

The last time I really did work on my own implementation was two years ago. I think you should not rely on my for this job.

Note for spip2drupal Drupal project developers : I can share what I did, and I think I did dawn robust code because I was working on a Spip site which live something like 5 or 6 Spip major upgrades, with a totally messed up database which means I had to handle *a lot* of edge cases.
I was originally using the Image Drupal project to handle Spip images, which is not anymore a recommended solution so my code is outdated; but it still remains a lot of work to handle different text encodings, database and encodings inconsistent states, and such things, so if you need help, ask me.